acefacekilla (acefacekilla) wrote in pdx_art,

Hey Portlanders!

Hey everyone, nice sunny day we are finally getting to enjoy again!

Been doing some new art lately on vinyl & new stuff on wood! Every week I do an "Up For Grabs" painting, meaning I take offers on it until 7pm Saturday or sell it to the first person who gives me an offer I like. This week I am taking offers on this painting;

It's 26"X38"! On a wood canvas, the actual "canvas" is made of wood. I am tired of carting it to Saturday Market, other art events & having it take up space in my small studio. Respond to this post or e-mail me at or add my art page on Facebook to stay up to date if you'd like to follow my art

Also have been updating Etsy (

Hope you guys enjoyed! Hopefully the weather holds up for us, come out & visit me on the Skidmore Market side of Saturday Market this weekend!
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