splatterson (splattworld) wrote in pdx_art,

Offbeat Art Event

Dear Colleagues:

Here in the Fabulous Foster Arts District, there's a cool, funky, new coffee joint called Joe Buddy's Bohemian Coffeehouse, which: (A) has very good coffee; and (B) is also an art gallery/music venue/open mic poetry (on full moons only!), etc., etc.

On Saturday, September 15th @ 7:00 PM, Joe Buddy's is hosting a reception for artists participating in their ghost-themed show, which is curated by none other than Extremo the Clown, and which features art from all across the country. (I think someone said the last count was some 40 artists, but I may be misremembering that.) Anyway, I have a piece included ("Marie Antoinette," one of the Theatre of Dreams photographs), and it ought to be kind of a fun scene. At least an interesting one. Coincides with the Foster Street Art Fair. And in keeping with Fabulous Foster Arts District's eclectic nature, there's a biker's bar next door that serves barbeque (no, really) and O'Malley's pub across the street.

For more info, check out Joe Buddy's website at: http://joebuddys.net/gallerycurrentexhibit.htm

And watch out for Joe Buddy's Black Liger Coffee Milkshakes...they'll take the top of your head right off.



P.S.: I'm beginning work on a new photo series called angels+demons, talking with prospective models (need not be professional models or actors/actresses) in which subjects are portrayed as, well, angels or demons. If you're interested, want to know more, e-mail me at splatterson@mindspring.com
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